Mikah Lee to Webcast Keynote at Digital Twin Fair 2020, the 1st Augmented Virtual Machinery Trade Show in South Korea

Mikah Lee to Webcast  Keynote at Digital Twin Fair 2020, the 1st Augmented Virtual Machinery Trade Show in South Korea 

Digital Twin Fair 2020 Offers 3D AR Applied Machinery Demo, a Real-Time Communication Platform Between Exhibitors and Attendees and is s the Largest Virtual Trade Show Showcasing Korean Machinery, Factory Automation and Software Solutions for Machine Monitoring.

Mikah Lee LPR Global at Digital Twin Fair 2020

Digital Twin Fair 2020 uses AR to enhance user experience with machine demonstration and interaction between exhibitors and visitors. Digital Twin Fair 2020 will go live on December 15, 2020, South Korea Time.


TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, December 10th, 2020 – LPR Global’s CEO Mikah Lee will deliver the keynote speech at Digital Twin Fair 2020, the first virtual trade show for machinery, factory automation, and smart monitoring solutions for plants in South Korea. Ms. Lee’s speech is scheduled to be webcast at the opening time of the show on December 15, 2020.

Digital Twin Fair 2020 is the first virtual show where we’ve applied advanced augmented reality and cyber-physics systems for an enhanced user experience,” says Mr. Dong-Youn Sohn, CEO of Korea Association of Machinery Industry. “KOAMI makes continuous efforts to provide Korean SMEs with enhanced virtual marketing solutions to globally present their machines and products. We invited Mikah Lee from LPR Global to share her insight on machine maintenance and monitoring because LPR Global plays a unique role in exporting Korean machines to the global market. Mikah’s speech on machine maintenance and warranty ties well with this year’s topic.”

Virtual Trade Show Digital Twin Fair 2020 LPR Global

Prior to COVID-19, LPR Global collaborated annually with the Korea Association of Manufacturing Industry (KOAMI) to bring global companies to machinery trade shows hosted by KOAMI, to create global partnership opportunities between Korean manufacturers and Western companies. LPR Global’s annual Technology Forum was coupled with one-on-one executive matching meetings between global buyers and South Korean suppliers.

“I feel honored to speak at Digital Twin Fair 2020, and happy to meet with Korean manufacturers through the first augmented reality virtual machine show. Many people will find machinery demonstrations using augmented reality intriguing and engaging. LPR Global is also considering applying augmented reality to machine monitoring, training, and maintenance, and offering these AR-powered services to our consortium members in 2021,” said Mikah Lee. “Since 2012, LPR Global has hosted traditional conferences for global clients with the support of the Korean federal government and Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), but the Digital Twin Fair 2020  is a promising new venue for LPR Global’s online  Matching Conference,” says Ms. Lee.

Ms. Lee’s talk will address the top 3 things that Korean machine manufacturers should put in place before they export machines to Western clients. After her speech, she will be available to answer any questions from Korean manufacturers through the Digital Twin Fair 2020 platform, which allows real-time communication between exhibitors and guests.

To access the keynote and attend the event, please visit: http://www.digitaltwin.kr/eng/index_eng.html

Please contact LPR Global to inquire about the 2020 event and opportunities to meet with South Korean automotive, metal working, steel, energy, home appliance industrial machinery, and product manufacturers.


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