After-Sales Support and Local Engineering Service Strategy for Global Market Expansion

Establish an After-Sales and Engineering Services Support Network for Global Sales

Onsite Local After-Sales Support and Equipment Maintenance in Global Markets

LPR Global has created international after-sales support partnerships for our clients in the manufacturing industry to support their global presence since 2001. It was originally introduced as our creative solution to a client who wanted to sell their machines globally but faced the challenge of having no local engineers in foreign countries. The client knew that equipment sales were not possible without a local engineering support team because equipment buyers usually request the manufacturer to respond to their calls immediately in the event of machine problems or failure.

We are partnered with 25 engineering companies globally, and all of our partners are equipped with senior-level electrical and mechanical engineers who are well experienced with complex, large-scale projects. Some of our technical partners are also specialized in predictive analysis models and algorithms. We actively manage local engineering firms to ensure that after-sales service quality and costs are under control, which brings great satisfaction to our clients.

After-Sales Support Strategies | Assembly Equipment and Production Line Sales

LPR Global’s After-Sales Support Services will strengthen your equipment sales by:

  • Researching and selecting reliable, dependable and skilled local after-sales support firms

  • Facilitating the relationship between you and after-sales support providers

  • Improving the relationship between your clients and after-sales support providers

  • Localizing equipment manuals and training materials

  • Supporting on-site training

LPR Global assesses every client’s need for engineering expertise in specific regional markets, selects the most reliable ones and establishes partnerships with local system integrators and engineering services organizations. We’re also staffed with in-house engineers, who support commissioning and training.

After Sales Support USA
After Sales Support USA