LPR Global: International Partnership Development Services for Korean Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers

Korean Market Focused Strategic Partnerships and Outsourcing Manufacturing Services

LPR Global – International Business Partnership Enablement Consulting Firm

LPR Global is an international marketing consulting firm that specializes in global trade between North America and South Korea. Since 2001, LPR Global has been bringing technologies, manufacturing machinery and industrial products from Korea to the North American marketplace. LPR Global promotes Korean technology firms in the North American marketplace and works alongside North American firms seeking strategic relationships with Korean businesses.

The company’s strength lies in its two-tiered approach to business development: first, a strong focus on market enablement with services such as go-to-market strategies, market research and marketing collateral localization, and second, a thorough command of sales channel development, technology transfer and after-sales support partnerships.

Accredited as an Overseas Export Marketing Consultant by South Korean government entities including Small Medium Business Administration and Small Business Corporation, LPR Global is led by a team experienced in the nuances of international trade, marketing and cross-cultural collaboration. We are your trusted trade partner when you need proven and affordable end-to-end marketing and partnership services for your international business.

LPR Global | International Partnership Strategies

Doing Business with Korea or USA? As Your International Marketing Firm, LPR Global Offers:

  • Successful track record of international business development for clients

  • Extensive business networks and experience in Asia, North America and Europe

  • Keen insight into industrial products in both Korean and North American markets

  • A strong understanding of the business needs and cultures on both sides of the globe

  • Hands-on sales generation programs and tools

  • End-to-end services, from business and marketing strategy to sales and channel development

  • Experience with content and business localization, sales development, global outsourcing, and import and export

Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global Inc.


Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global Inc., is seasoned in international marketing, the author of two best-selling books to help Koreans do business in North America, and in a unique position to address cultural and business challenges facing companies that are expanding globally. Prior to founding LPR Global Inc., Mikah Lee was a Senior Consultant at Brightspark, a venture capital firm in Toronto, Canada.

Under Ms. Lee’s leadership, LPR Global has developed into an award-winning consulting firm. In 2008 we launched www.USKoreaHotlink.com, an online marketing platform for industrial products produced by LPR Global’s Korean clients. This website has grown to be the largest online platform of Korean industrial products and custom machinery in North America.

In addition to her role as LPR Global’s CEO, Ms. Lee is also a noted two-time bestselling author in South Korea. Her newest Korean-language book, titled “How to Avoid Writing Incorrect Business Emails,”  rocketed to the top 5 of the best-seller list in just 2 weeks after being published in February 2019 and still remains on the bestseller list. Her previous book, “Business Email Lays Golden Eggs, published in 2008, also remained on the top 10 of the best-seller list for 8 years. Ms. Lee is a frequently requested speaker on a variety of topics related to conducting business with South Korean companies.

Mikah Lee earned her undergraduate degree in English Education from Korea University, where she was also awarded an international scholarship to study at the University of Wisconsin for a year. She obtained her MBA from the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.