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Joint Ventures and Partnerships – U.S.-Korea business opportunities

LPR Global offers joint venture and partnership programs to help you develop strong connections with distributors, manufacturers and resellers in your target markets

U.S.-Korea Joint Ventures and Partnership | Develop Strong Connections

LPR Global can strengthen your U.S.–Korea business connections through joint venture and partnership programs. We help foster solid relationships with distributors, manufacturers and resellers in your target markets, and help you maximize overseas business opportunities.

LPR has a decade of experience in building networks between international corporations. We connect you with our extensive portfolio of U.S. and Korean manufacturers, resellers, and distributors, and help you and your partners meet your mutual business needs.

Creating International Joint Ventures and Partnerships Opportunities

LPR can help you:

  • Create joint venture or partner opportunities with manufacturers or value added service providers
  • Share expertise with designers or manufacturers
  • Collaborate with project management firms or plant machinery manufacturers
  • Establish local partnerships with installers and contractors to help with offshore product installation
  • Partner with local resellers and distributors to leverage their market and sales channels

Meet Leading Corporations Across the Pacific Ocean

Thanks to our successful track record with leading Trans-pacific corporations, the South Korean government supports LPR’s partnership program by providing benefits below to qualified participants:

Joint Ventures | International Partnerships

Joint Ventures | International Partnerships

  • Reimbursement of 50% of flight costs to Korea*
  • Free translator services for meetings in Korea*
  • Two nights hotel accommodation*
  • One-on-one meetings with Korean manufacturers of your choice
  • Credit checks on Korean sellers
  • Audit of sellers’ packaging in Korea and drop ship your products to your clients (fee-based)

* Buyers’ eligibility for support is determined jointly by the Korean government and LPR Global Inc.

LPR Advantages | International Joint Ventures and Partnership

  • First Mover Insight without the Cost of Being a Pioneer
    Many partners hold specialized patents, certifications of distinction and prestigious awards in their respective technical fields. LPR controls development and product validation costs through partnerships that offer innovation and competitive leads.
  • Flexible, Innovative, Profitable
    LPR will help you identify the opportunities that fit best with your company and then recommend the best partnering approach. Through us, you can develop relationships that are more flexible, innovative, supportive and profitable than what’s offered in most standard channel programs.
  • Localized Real-time Communication
    LPR understands the challenges of overseas joint ventures and partnerships,   particularly in manufacturing and sales environments. We can facilitate the communication on your behalf, ensure your partners understand your needs and respond accordingly.

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Client testimonials about LPR Global’s successful partnerships between the U.S. and Korea

“After a single exhibition, LPR helped us partner with an American distributor.”
– Jung-Hoon Cho, CTO of Modia

“With LPR’s help we were able to win Tenneco as our client; we look forward to a long lasting partnership with LPR Global.”
-Un-Hark Park, CEO of Woojin Machinery

“We thank LPR for successfully setting up sales channels for the US military, which is the primary market and yet not an easy one to develop.”
-Hun-Duk Um, CEO of IDFone

“We’ve been working with LPR over 6 years and look forward to working with them in many more years to come.”
-Jong-Ho Song, Administrator of Small Medium Business Administrator

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