LPR Global’s Partner, Korea Association of Machinery Industry, to Host the 2021 D.Ton Trade Show

LPR Global’s Partner, Korea Association of Machinery Industry, to Host the 2021 D.Ton Trade Show

The 2021 D.Ton Virtual Trade Show creates a virtually augmented platform for attendees to explore and connect with industrial and machinery manufacturers from South Korea.

D.Ton Virtual Trade Show

Exhibitors in the Industrial Machine category at the 2021 D.Ton Virtual Trade Show


Toronto, Canada, March 11, 2021 On March 16, 2021, the Korea Association of Machinery Industry is hosting its 2021 D.Ton Virtual Trade Show with a focus on how the digital transformation of Big Data and an AI and Cloud based society will impact industrial and machinery manufacturing industries. Businesses from North America and Europe will attend this event to explore, and meet with industrial machinery, energy plant equipment, smart factory, automation and robotics, and metrology companies on-site.

Joo Ho-Jae, a consultant for Samsung SDS’ digital transformation strategies, will be the keynote speaker. While data from machines can be collected through mobile devices, sensors, and the Internet of Things (IoT), analyzing and applying data interpretation to machine maintenance still remain as big challenges. Joo will address how using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process and analyze the data will prepare machinery companies for “un-tact” economies and a future based on “I’m ABC” (IoT, mobile, AI, Big Data, Cloud).

Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, says, “Companies using Cloud service providers wouldn’t be able to analyze data from machines and prevent machine failure, unless they have access to the machine history data and logic tree that show cause-and-effect. D.Ton showcases how Korean machinery manufacturers have adopted digital technology to their machines. For manufacturing industries, digital technology will not only strengthen product differentiation, but processes optimization as well”.

The 2021 D.Ton Virtual Trade Show is a great event for industry leaders to meet with Korean companies who are at the forefront of AI- and cloud-based automotive, metal working, steel, energy, home appliance industrial machinery, and product manufacturing. To compensate for the fun experience of traditional trade show, D.Ton will have a K-POP culture party for visitors.

To access the 2021 D.Ton Virtual Trade Show, please visit: http://www.digitaltwin.kr/

Please contact LPR Global to inquire about the 2021 Virtual Trade Show and opportunities to meet with South Korean manufacturers.


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