LPR Global Awarded Best Consultant Designation for Export Achievements

LPR Global Awarded Best Export Consultant Designation by Incheon City, South Korea

USKoreaHotlink.com, owned and operated by LPR Global, is voted the most successful and export stimulating practice for Korean manufacturers.

TORONTO, Canada, January 17, 2019 – Incheon City Business Technopark (IBITP) announced that it has awarded LPR Global Inc., the best export consulting practice of 2018 out of 17 consortiums worldwide. This award recognizes LPR Global for enabling significant export achievements by its Korean manufacturers for two consecutive years.

The IBITP committee praised LPR Global’s online platform USKoreaHotlink, the largest North American consortium of South Korea-based machinery and industrial parts manufacturers, for its strong online presence and innovative go-to-market strategies that stimulate consortium member success. Launched in 2008, www.USKoreaHotlink.com showcases Korean industrial, automotive and energy machinery and parts by LPR Global’s Consortium clients. The online platform is visited by engineers, executives and industry experts looking for reliable industrial turn-key sourcing solutions.

Consortium members are carefully pre-screened by LPR Global based on their export and project experience, financial stability, and technological advancements.

Based on the success of the USKoreaHotlink platform, LPR Global has expanded its annual Technology Forum, which offers networking initiatives and matching meetings between global companies and Korean automotive and industrial machinery and parts manufacturers. The LPR Global Technology Forum completes networking and business transactions initiated through online inquiries on USKoreaHotlink.com.

“We’ve been creating global partnerships since the inception of LPR Global back in 2001,” said Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, “USKoreaHotlink.com serves to shortlist partnership opportunities applicable to manufacturing in the automotive, steel and power generation industry. The LPR Technology Forum helps deepen the discussion through face-to-face meetings between leading Korean suppliers and manufacturers.”

LPR Global has been recognized by the South Korean Government with numerous awards over the years for its ability to handle and facilitate complex projects in the automotive and energy industries, and to work across multiple layers of engineering and supply chain processes to provide consulting support to South Korean manufacturers expanding into North America, Europe and Asia.

For more information about participating in the 2019 LPR Global Technology Forum, please contact LPR Global.

About LPR Global, Inc. LPR Global is a strategic consultancy headquartered in Toronto, ON with affiliated operations in the US and South Korea. Founded in 2001, LPR Global provides advisory and business development services to companies, government organizations and professional service firms conducting business between South Korean and Western markets.

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