LPR Global's 1-on-1 Matching Meetings and US-Korea Manufacturing Partnerships

Manufacturing partnership programs between Korea and North America

LPR Global 1-on-1 Matching Meetings Conference

Once a year, we host face-to-face meetings between global companies and pre-selected Korean executives. This annual event usually takes place in Korea, and coincides with a major trade show. It is supported by industry associations as well as local and federal government organizations. The LPR Global Technology Partnership Event brings together, in one place, innovative manufacturers that are reliable and have successful track records and high quality standards. Our long-term clients see it as their best opportunity to meet with top tier companies and narrow down their potential suppliers. Our event is often featured in the press as a prime example of why a company needs to consult an expert with extensive regional and industry-specific knowledge and network before doing international business.

US Korea Manufacturing Partnerships

To learn more about our annual event, please see our press coverage of the 2019 edition.

Technology Focused Manufacturer Search in Korea

LPR Global specializes in creating manufacturing partnerships between Korean manufacturers and Western companies in technology-oriented industries such as automotive, steel, power plants and machine manufacturing.

Below are some typical client business cases showing how LPR Global helps develop dependable, profitable and practical global partnerships:

  • A US-based company outsources production of newly developed products to a Korean machine and tooling manufacturer. The global company saves upfront capital including purchasing investment, product design and development efforts.

  • A US-based equipment manufacturer hires a Korean casting and machining service provider to design and manufacture molds for their existing products. The equipment manufacturer saves a great amount of time by not developing the intricate molds in-house.

  • A Korea-based friction welding machine manufacturer customizes a friction welding machine line for tube production at two steel mills. The automated tube welding line reduces production time by half while increasing the quality by 30%.

  • A global exhaust system manufacturer outsources its main resonator assembly lines to a Korean company, and the Korean company delivers fully automated metal forming and assembly lines. Since the line is designed for a quick tool change, the client reduces the machine downtime by 75% during tool changing.

  • A U.S. automated line supplier partners with a Korea-based robotic automated line supplier and carves out a portion of a project to the Korean company. The division of work between the two companies saves production lead time by 40% while also lowering the project costs.

Joint Ventures | International Partnerships
Joint Ventures | International Partnerships

Manufacturing Collaboration with LPR Global

We understand the challenges of overseas joint ventures and partnerships, particularly in manufacturing and sales environments. We can facilitate the communication on your behalf, ensuring your partners understand your needs and respond accordingly.

Key Advantages:

  • First Mover Insight without the Cost of Being a Pioneer

  • Flexible, Innovative, Profitable Solutions

  • Localized Real-time Communication

To find more about LPR Joint Ventures and Partnership Services, speak with LPR Global.

Client testimonials about LPR Global’s successful outcomes between the U.S. and Korean firms

“After a single exhibition, LPR helped us partner with an American distributor.”
– Jung-Hoon Cho, CTO of Modia

“With LPR’s help we were able to win Tenneco as our client; we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with LPR Global.”
-Un-Hark Park, CEO of Woojin Machinery

“We thank LPR for successfully setting up sales channels for the U.S. military, which is the primary market and yet not an easy one to develop.”
-Hun-Duk Um, CEO of IDFone

“We’ve been working with LPR over 15 years and look forward to working with them in many more years to come.”
-Jong-Ho Song, Administrator of Small Medium Business Administrator