Contract Manufacturing and Fabrication Outsourcing to South Korea

Vendor Compliance, Quality Control Engineering and Factory Audit Services for Western Companies Working with South Korean Suppliers

LPR Global’s Contract Manufacturing and Sourcing Solutions to US and Global Companies

LPR Global’s Outsourcing Program was originally designed for Western companies seeking to source components and machines made by Korea-based automotive industry leaders in 2007.

Today, LPR Global’s Outsourcing Program has grown to encompass quality control engineering and factory audit services for Western companies, who have existing contracts with Korean suppliers, and for those looking to establish relationships with new South Korean vendors and qualify them prior to the contractual phase. Quality control services are provided by LPR Global’s engineers and technical translators in South Korea.  They visit current or prospective suppliers’ plants in South Korea on behalf of the Western company and perform quality checks on materials and equipment, assess standard conformity, and analysis of quality control processes.

Client Testimonial about Advantages of LPR Global Sourcing and Vendor Onsite Audit Program

Our clients have identified the following key reasons why they like working with us:

  • Thorough understanding of industry specific standards

  • Familiarity with critical component makers (BOM) and software widely used in North America and Europe

  • Knowledge of PLC logic in reference to safety protocols of global companies

  • Seamless transfer of knowledge between supplier and user

  • Creative negotiation strategies to make total or incremental solutions from design to manufacturing and installation

  • Proven and diverse product manufacturing experience

Contract Manufacturing, Product Sourcing and Manufacturing Onsite Audit Services

Equipped with hands-on experience and proven success, LPR Global offers North American and European companies a variety of business solutions to take advantage of, including traditional vendor research, sourcing, quality control engineering services and site visits to South Korean suppliers. LPR’s Vendor Onsite Audit services ensure that Korean suppliers comply with the buyer’s requirements, meet project milestones, and have clear and smooth technical communications on complex matters.

Our solutions are targeted toward companies operating in the automotive, energy, power plants, aerospace, mining, petroleum, home appliance, and oil and gas industries.

Current Korean sourcing projects by industry and product category:

Outsource to Korea | Cost efficient | Proven quality
Outsource to Korea | Cost efficient | Proven quality

Why Should You Explore the Korean Market for Sourcing?

South Korea’s rapid growth in industrial design and manufacturing, which is most notable in the automotive, manufacturing machinery, steel, communications, and energy sectors, stems from world-class engineers and technicians, and Korea’s cluster-based infrastructure which concentrates similar market segment manufacturers in one geographic zone. Adding further to the benefits of dense industrial networks, the South Korean Government creates industrial cluster zones across the nation, resulting in a quick turnaround from order to production with minimal or no added logistical costs.

In addition, South Korea has a vast, well-connected network of small and medium-sized suppliers, whose technology and quality control meet even the most stringent standards of large, internationally reputed Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and Hankook. By providing one of the world’s highest cost-to-quality ratios of any country, South Korea has become a preferred global trading partner. South Korea has signed free trade agreements with European and North American countries, freeing companies on both continents from high import costs.

LPR Global is committed to providing our manufacturing clients with a collaborative relationship based on strong work ethics, dedication to excellence, and a desire to exceed client expectations related to quality and innovation.

Parts Sourcing | Contract Manufacturing
Parts Sourcing | Contract Manufacturing

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