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Export Market Research – Korea and US Overseas Market Research

LPR Global provides overseas business and market research to successfully enter export markets, sourcing avenues, and distribution channels in international markets

Export Market Research | Grow Sales in Overseas Markets

LPR Global goes beyond cookie-cutter market research. Our in-depth Korea – U.S. export market research is customized based on over a decade of hands-on experience in overseas business development and project management. We help grow your sales through accelerated time-to-market, targeted local customers and channel partners, and informed, research-based navigation of international markets.

Export Market Research Elements

We tailor our Export Market Research to suit your needs and budget, including:

Export Market Research

Export Market Research | Customized In-depth Reporting

  • Market trends and regulations
  • Industry size, product, competitor, and customer research
  • Lists of customers and targeted decision makers
  • Interviews and questionnaires with key industry stakeholders
  • Major trade media, associations, and trade shows
  • Product comparison and major applications
  • Certificates and license requirements
  • Strategic recommendations and planning

Get The Information You Need

Through our comprehensive, focused export market research for North America and South Korea, the Korean Government Small and Medium Business Association has awarded us premier consultancy status.

Take advantage of our international export market research services to:

  • Better understand foreign requirements and applications for your products
  • Grow your export sales
  • Sustain quality support to your clients
  • Create business cases

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Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our export market research

“LPR’s market research helped us realize market cannibalization that we hadn’t been aware of and by far exceeded our expectations. LPR made us see the value of research and power of analysis.”
– Managing Director Sung Soo Yoon at Jinsung T.E.C, heavy equipment manufacturer serving 20 countries

“LPR’s research contains … the [information] that you need when you expand to the unknown market. We were surprised by LPR’s research and are going to use it as a blueprint for our execution in North America.”
– Director, Kyung Sik Yoon for iRevo – Asia’s number one seller of digital door locks

“With LPR’s research, we concluded we should focus on selling materials instead of complete products, which saved us a lot of resources and time.”
– Manager Joosung Yang at Esaeng – one of Korea’s leading manufacturers of plastic packaging

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