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Business Development Services – Marketing & Sales in U.S.-Korea Markets

LPR Global’s international business development services designed to broaden our client’s sales channels and provide repeat business


U.S.-Korea Business Development | Generate Export Sales

LPR Global’s International Business Development Services, including primary interviews, complement our U.S.– Korea market research and help you generate offshore sales channels and repeat business.

Our business development program offers strategies to increase international sales. The program broadens your marketing and sales funnel to include highly targeted customers with whom you can generate deeper business relationships, as well as industry partners who can meet your diverse sales needs.

International Business Development Program Elements

From end-to-end, LPR can manage your offshore sales generation efforts and save resources otherwise dedicated to your core business.

International Business Development | International Buyers Meeting

International Business Development | International Buyers Meeting

LPR’s International Business Development Program provides:

  • Comprehensive customer and partner searches and qualification
  • Complete range of marketing services both online and offline
  • Lead generation and brand exposure at industry events and trade shows
  • Calling campaigns
  • Meetings between decision makers
  • Site visits and customer relationship management

Work Effectively and Efficiently

LPR understands the budget and time constraints associated with expanding into a new market. We work with our clients to ensure efficient and effective marketing results.

The results are highly targeted online and offline marketing materials that utilize our expertise, networks, and experience.

Whether you are a U.S.-based company entering the Korean market or a Korean firm seeking repeat overseas business, LPR can help develop and maximize your international sales funnel through our targeted U.S. – Korea Business Development program.

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