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After-sales Support and Service Strategy for U.S.-Korea Markets

LPR’s After-sales strategy is critical to reliable and successful international relationships

Local After-sales Support | Maintain Your Commitments

LPR Global manages after-sales support and between Korean industrial equipment and manufacturing machinery suppliers, North American buyers, and local engineering and system integrating firms. We enable Korean manufacturers to provide quality equipment at controlled costs and U.S. engineering companies and system integrator to communicate with manufacturers in real-time in order to help machine users receive a prompt local after-sales support.

After-sales Support Strategies | Equipment Sales

Engineering Aftersales Support

After-sales Support | Machinery | Equipment

LPR Global’s after-sales support strategy goes hand in hand with equipment sales, and is critical to our oversight of strong international relationships. Despite in-depth product knowledge, Korean manufacturers sometimes lack specific equipment user application details, factory layouts, standards, and local operator related requirements. This combination of problems makes equipment export and import challenging, especially when emergent issues arise. Our ability to provide quick on-site presence facilitates stable and successful user-manufacturer relationships.

LPR Global strategically partners with well-networked and experienced local engineering companies and system integrator to provide manufacturers with strong and reliable after-sales support. Our active management of the local engineering firms ensures after-sales service quality and costs are controlled to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

LPR Global’s After-sales Support Services will strengthen your equipment sales by:

  • Researching and selecting reliable, successful local after-sales support firms
  • Facilitating the relationship between you and after-sales support providers
  • Improving the relationship between your clients and after-sales support providers
  • Localizing equipment manuals and training materials
  • Supporting on-site training

After-sales Engineering Support | LPR Global’s Technical Experience

LPR Global can provide the following technical services:

  • Technical Training
  • Hydraulic Schematic Diagrams
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Safety Systems including Risk Assessment
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming and support (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc)
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair

A client’s successful experience with LPR’s local after-sales support:

“It’s rare to see these days the dedication and professionalism of LPR’s staff.  Whenever asked questions, you always responded fast and our conference call helped a lot our technical questions answered.”
-Michael Jones, President, Jones Cam

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