LPR Global Launches US KOREA HOTLINK to Link Top South Korean Security Technology Firms to the West

LPR Global Launches US KOREA HOTLINK to Link Top South Korean Security Technology Firms to the West

Ten Surveillance, Detector and Communications Firms Initiate New Program

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA September 21, 2009, — LPR Global Inc. unveiled a new trade initiative to assist Korean security technology firms with their global expansion plans. Named US Korea Hotlink, the program offers an innovative platform of services tailored to the unique requirements of Korean companies seeking to meet the challenges of overseas markets by providing English language marketing, sales channel development, and customer support services in both offline and online environments. US Korea Hotlink goes way beyond traditional foreign web marketplaces and ecommerce sites that just provide company listings and limited content. US Korea Hotlink manages all critical aspects of the sales and marketing process locally as a fully integrated component of the overseas supplier’s strategy.


Ten Korean security technology firms along with the South Korean Government’s Small Business Corporation signed on as charter members to launch the program.


“The web has made the world a small place but overseas buyers and prospects still feel more comfortable doing business locally in their own language and customs whenever possible. US Korea Hotlink provides that comfort level by offering buyers and sellers – regardless of their geographic location – the ability to do business in the language and style that they are familiar with simultaneously”, commented Mikah Lee, LPR Global CEO.


“US Korea Hotlink helps our client companies reach new customers and prospects in the markets that they serve and it helps North American buyers find quality Korean security technology solutions and partners,” stated Mr. Jang, Duk Bok, Director Small Business Corporation of South Korea.

US Korea Hotlink’s Charter Members Include:



    • MVision – Portable UV LED Counterfeit Detectors


    • Junsung Tech – Portable Voice Amplification Systems and Hands-Free Megaphones




    • Securenics Inc. – Intelligent Virtual Fence Systems; Electric Charge Sensor Fences



    • Winy Technology – Palm-size DVRs; Optical Systems Devices
    • KPROTECH – Technically Advanced Digital Video Recorders


    • Shinhan Photonics – Fiber Optic Components; Fiber Optic Adapters, Fiber Optic Cables

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