LPR Global Featured as a Perfect Export Partner by the Maeil Economy Daily, the Largest Readership-Based Business Daily in Korea

LPR Global Featured as a Perfect Export Partner by the Maeil Economy Daily, the Largest Readership-Based Business Daily in Korea

LPR Global is praised as a great export partner by one of LPR’s clients, Neo-Plus, in their interview with the Maeil Economy Daily; an excerpt from the article is translated in English below.


Local Marketing Companies: A Valuable Tool for Korean Small & Medium Enterprises Seeking Overseas Expansion

Seoul, South Korea, November 13, 2014 – In order for small and medium enterprises to succeed in foreign markets, it is crucial that they have an expansion strategy that is based on accurately identifying their target market combined with having a solid understanding of the local business. Enterprises with little experience in exporting however, have found that they struggle when trying to establish this type of strategy due to a lack of access to information about the country and market that they want to expand into.

Neo-Plus, based in Daejun city in Korea, is a small enterprise that manufactures friction and wear testing equipment. In 2011, Neo-Plus sought out foreign market expansion, after acquiring the Technologically Innovative Small Business (Innobiz) Certification – which recognizes and acknowledges them as a technically innovative small firm. Despite having the certification and additional capabilities to expand, they still struggled and were unable to find a suitable opening to market their products overseas.

Neo-Plus products are manufactured based on their customers’ requests. Therefore, marketing was almost impossible without prior knowledge of who their foreign clients were, and their unique requests, specifications and circumstances. These challenges made it difficult to conduct market research.

It was during this period of struggling to expand internationally, that Neo-Plus met LPR Global, Inc (LPR Global), a Canada-based International Marketing firm. LPR Global helped Neo-Plus open a gateway to their first export. LPR Global’s accumulated experience in business development, on/offline marketing strategies, negotiation skills for automation, and testing and precision equipment provided Neo-Plus with the tools to export for the first time to Canada. According to Neo-Plus CEO, Seong-Khil Park, “LPR Global is a great partner for exports. They took care of every process and solved every problem perfectly from the beginning to the end.”

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