LPR Global and Promation Partner to Expand Service Offerings and Market Coverage

LPR Global and Promation Partner to Expand Service Offerings and Market Coverage


Combining Promation’s Engineering Expertise with LPR’s Manufacturers in Korea Brings Expanded Service Offerings and Cost Competitiveness to Clients of LPR Global and Promation.

Toronto, Ontario, Sept. 18, 2014 – LPR Global, Inc. and Promation jointly announced today that they have formed a partnership to provide engineering services to Korean manufacturers and to serve North American clients with full and scalable solutions.

LPR Global, the largest Korean manufacturers’ consortium in North America and instrumental partner for the Korean government global program, brings Korean manufacturing capabilities to the partnership. Promation is supplier of total solutions for Automation & Robotics, Equipment & Tooling and Specialized Manufacturing . Promation has strength based on its 3 divisions focused on Automotive, Nuclear and Industry markets. The company contributes its expertise, ample capacity of which includes engineering and service. The partnership will bring cost competitiveness, quality machinery and hardware, and scalable, full solutions to companies in the automotive, nuclear energy and industry, who have a need for factory automation.

“Our partnership enables LPR Korean manufacturers to actively participate in automation projects in North America and to make them more competitive in customer management and aftersales engineering supports in North America,” says Lee. “The Korean companies will also serve as Promation’s presence in Asia, which will bring LPR and Promation opportunities in both North America and Asia. The partnership with Promation is a good example of LPR’s focus on creating global partnerships that benefit both ends.”

“I find the partnership enhances Promation’s value to the clients with factory automation needs because we can reduce our cost on hardware and machines, shorten our delivery time and expand our service offerings globally by working with LPR Korean manufacturers, ” says Zimny. “I’m confident that the LPR Korean manufacturers will see great benefit of working with Promation and we will create bigger opportunities in US, Canada, Korea, Japan and China.”

The press release conference was celebrated by Scott Lewis, Vice President, Financing and Consulting of Business Development Bank of Canada, who says, “LPR and Promation partnership shows a good example to remain globally competitive for Canadian manufacturers and to expand their market to the South of the border. ”

About LPR Global, Inc. LPR Global is a strategic consultancy headquartered in Toronto, ON with affiliated operations in the US and South Korea. Founded in 2001, LPR Global provides advisory and business development services to companies, government organizations, and professional services firms doing business between South Korean and Western markets. Visit https://lprglobal.com or http://www.uskoreahotlink.com Contact: Mark Lin 416-423-5590 info@lprglobal.com

About Promation. Promation Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1995 in Ontario, Canada. The company succeeded in delivering automation to the automotive OEM including Honda and Toyota. In 2006 and beyond the company received contracts valued in millions of dollars for robotic equipment for nuclear reactor refurbishment. Today Promation has 3 divisions: Promation Automotive, Promation Nuclear, Promation Industry supplying Excellence, Value and Quality to the 3 markets.