LPR Global and KOAMI bring South Korea’s Energy Solution Providers to POWER-GEN International

LPR Global and KOAMI bring South Korea’s Energy Solution Providers to POWER-GEN International

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Joint Partnership Initiative of LPR Global and KOAMI (Korea Association of Machinery Industry) to Unveil Energy Solutions at POWER-GEN International in Orlando, FL

TORONTO, CANADA, November 29, 2016 – LPR Global announced today of the first joint export initiative in the USA with its partner KOAMI (Korea Association of Machinery Industry) at POWER-GEN International in Orlando, Florida from December 13 through December 15, 2016. Under LPR Global and KOAMI leadership, 15 Korean suppliers to the Korea South-East Power Co. (KOSEP) will meet with US business, technology, and energy leaders to explore new areas of cooperation for improving energy efficiency through optimizing power plant performance and renewable energy solutions. As the largest association of Korean machine manufacturers, KOAMI is responsible for promoting members in the machinery industry, including organizing and hosting the bi-annual Korea Machinery Fair (KOMAF). Known as one of the largest machine trade shows in Asia, KOMAF will also serve as the venue for the 2017 LPR Global Technology Forum co-hosted by LPR Global and KOAMI.

“The Korean Pavilion at booth 4616 will create an exciting opportunity for US companies, who wish to better understand the need of the Korea South-East Power Co. (KOSEP).  As a spin-off from Korea Electric Power Corporation, KOSEP owns and operates 5 power plants, generating 9,979 MW,” says Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, “KOSEP has different needs for equipment and solutions from the world, but navigating the organization can be challenging for foreign companies. All of the Korean exhibitors at the pavilion are current vendors to the Korea South-East Power Co. and would make good strategic partners for US companies who are looking to create opportunities in Korea’s power generation industry.”

“The US is an important trading partner regardless any leadership changes in politics in US or South Korea. We’re happy to have LPR Global help us deliver our continuous efforts to form partnerships between companies on both ends.” says Mr. Park Young Tahk, Vice Executive Chairman, KOAMI.

The Korean delegation firms and their energy solutions include:

  • BNF Technology – plant process data historian and operation monitoring solutions for detecting anomalies
  • Dae Jin Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. – hydraulic cylinders, pumps and tools for ship building, bridge building, excavation, and construction
  • Dongyang F & C Co., Ltd. – valves for power generation, wastewater management, and industrial plants
  • DR Valve Co., Ltd. – ultra-low temperature valves for cryogenic applications, pressure valves and valve actuators
  • DUON Systems Co., Ltd. – smart field instrument transmitters and gauges to measure pressure, level, and temperature
  • Hangang Alloy Co., Ltd. – special copper alloys including chrome copper, beryllium copper and copper alloy parts for rotor coil and stator
  • Hanguk Airpro Co., Ltd. – oil-free, oil-injected, and low-maintenance turbo blower air compressors
  • KJF Co., Ltd. – machined forgings, flanges, and nozzles for heat exchangers and pressure vessels
  • KMX Co., Ltd. – chemical cleaners and ultrasonic equipment for scale and corrosion removal
  • Nara Corporation – gear coupling, disc coupling, chain couplings for plant engineering and wind power pitch drives and yaw drives
  • Samsung Control Valve Co., Ltd. – pressure valves and fluid control valve actuators for valve automation
  • Samyoung Fil-Tech – pipe flushing equipment and oil purification system for ship building, industrial plants, and vacuum electrostatic filtering technology for nuclear power plants
  • Shin Sung C & P Co., Ltd. – ceramic shut liners, desulfurization systems for thermal power plants
  • Sung-Il Turbine Co., Ltd. – vacuum precision investment casting and reverse engineering solutions for gas turbine components including combustion liners, compressor vanes, and hot gas path parts
  • Xeonet Co., Ltd. – industrial IT and system engineering, DCS I/O module system, and boiler management system and early warning system for equipment failure

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