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Contract Manufacturing and Parts Outsourcing from South Korea

Production Outsourcing for Manufacturing Machinery, Offshore, Mining, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Applications

Offshore Manufacturing – Take Your Production to South Korea

For North American and European companies seeking a manufacturing facility in Asia for production outsourcing or contract manufacturing  for its flexible growth in manufacturing capacity with minimum to no up-front investment, LPR Global’s Outsourcing Program offers you the opportunity to actualize the possibility.

LPR Global offers North American and European companies a complete line of solutions whether it is their production outsourcing or joint venture, to leasing machinery for a revenue sharing model or parts purchase for your project. LPR Global’s solutions are designed for companies operating in the automotive, energy, power plants, aerospace, mining, petroleum, and oil and gas industry.

Our manufacturing sourcing projects are led by reputable Korean manufacturers, specialized in following:

Production Outsourcing

Outsource to Korea | Cost efficient | Proven quality

  • Automotive Machinery and Parts Manufacturing
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Mining Equipment
  • Precision Machinery
  • Processing Equipment
  • Assembly Lines
  • Stamping and Welding
  • Die casting and Molding
  • Brazing and Heat Treating
  • Special Metal Fabrication for Power Plants
  • Grinding
  • Rolling
  • Automotive, Electronic and Semiconductor Parts Washing

Why outsource your production to Korea?

South Korea’s rapid growth in industrial design and manufacturing, most notably seen in the automotive, manufacturing machinery, communications and energy sectors stem from world-class engineers and technicians and the cluster-based infrastructure initiated by the South Korean Government. Adding to the geographical advantage of having dense industrial networks, the South Korean Government creates industry cluster zones across the nation, resulting in quick turnaround from order to production with minimal or no added logistical costs.

Leveraging Korean manufacturers and suppliers has enabled many of our North American and European clients to remain competitive while ensuring their standardized quality with reduced capital investment.

Working with South Korean manufacturers provides a partnership with committed work ethics, consistent dedication, and a desire to continue to meet and exceed global expectations on innovation and quality.

In addition to the infrastructural and cultural uniqueness, South Korea has signed free trade agreements with European and North American countries, freeing companies on both continents from high import costs.

Competitive Advantages of Production Outsourcing to South Korea

Sourcing | Parts Sourcing  | Contract Manufacturing

 Parts Sourcing | Contract Manufacturing

  • International quality standards
  • Familiarity with part makers and software widely used in North America and Europe
  • Strong understanding of safety protocols of global companies
  • Thorough in-house quality control
  • Availability of total or incremental solutions from designing to engineering and manufacturing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short lead time
  • Proven and diverse product manufacturing experience

Working with LPR Global frees resources otherwise engaged in capital investment or development and management of outsourced partners so that you can focus on more on growing effectively.

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