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South Korean Military Grade Surveillance Solutions and Security Products

South Korea is a global leader in security technologies for wireless infrastructure, surveillance systems, sensors, imaging, RFID, intrusion detection systems, and many other areas. LPR Global provides a gateway to leading Korean IT, physical security products and digital security technology manufactures.

Security Solutions | Government, Oil and Gas, and Banking Industries

LPR’s Korean security technologies are typically military and law enforcement quality, suitable for extreme and harsh operating environments. When engineers at a drilling site in Alaska needed to monitor their oil pipelines, they turned to LPR Global. By attaching our lightweight mobile DVRs to a robot arm, they were able to wirelessly transmit and recorded photos and videos of the oil pipeline.

Our anti-counterfeiting solutions have been used by various banking, retail, and government organizations to reduce the threat of counterfeits by helping to authenticate currency and documents. Past clients include New York City for the authentication of public transit passes and licenses, the Government of Canada for authenticating passports, banks to identify counterfeit currencies, and casinos for authenticating gaming chips.

LPR Global Consortium Product Line

Infrared Cameras
Designed for the police and the military application, our infrared night vision cameras allow objects within a 200 meter range to be visible in complete darkness. The cameras are high quality, long-lasting, weatherproof and easy to use and come with attached illuminators.

Mobile Wireless DVRs
Mobile DVRs (digital video recorders) feature GPS to enable position tracking and real-time wireless transmission of video images, audio and data.

COFDM Wireless Transmitters
Our COFDM transmitters address the most demanding military and police force requirements around the world and were even used for the world’s only national television live broadcast from the summit of Mt. Everest.

High Temperature RFID Tags
RFID tags that can meet various operating environments made to be heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and pressure-resistant. POSCO, Samsung, LG, Korea Data, and US government contractors who choose our high temperature RFID tags for their tracking their products and data.

UV LED Portable Counterfeit Detector
UV LED portable counterfeit detector for detection of fake currency, ID, credit cards, bank notes, casino chips and counterfeit documents. Portable lightweight palm-sized detector offers high-performance punch in a small package.

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