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Security | Tracking, Detection and Identification Solutions

Industrial-grade UV LED detection, RFID tracking and security products.

Security and Tracking Solutions for Banks, Casinos, Governments & Data Collection Plants

South Korea is a global leader in security technologies for RF wireless infrastructure, sensors, imaging, RFID, UV LED detection systems, and various other applications. LPR Global provides industrial-grade solutions from leading Korean security technology manufacturers.

UV LED Detector | Government, Oil and Gas, and Banking Industries

LPR’s Korean security technologies are of law enforcement quality with long-lasting product life. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions have been used by banks, casinos, and government organizations to reduce the threat of counterfeits by helping with authentication of currency and documents. Past clients include New York City authorities for the authentication of public transit passes and licenses, the Government of Canada for authenticating passports, banks for identifying counterfeit currencies, and casinos for authenticating gaming chips.

LPR Global Consortium Product Line

High Temperature RFID Tags
RFID tags for various operating environments, with heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and pressure-resistant properties. POSCO, Samsung, LG, Korea Data, and US government contractors choose our high temperature RFID tags for tracking their products and data.

UV LED Portable Counterfeit Detector
UV LED portable counterfeit detectors for detection of fake currency, IDs, credit cards, bank notes, casino chips and counterfeit documents. Portable lightweight palm-sized detectors that offers high performance in a small package.

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