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Manufacturing Machinery | Forming, Fabrication, Machining, Dies and Tooling

South Korean manufacturing technologies and equipment.

Industrial Machinery & Tooling and Custom Manufacturing

LPR Global’s consortium of equipment manufacturers covers a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, steel mills, and oil and gas. Our equipment and tooling are used to automate manufacturing processes, streamline operations, and test and inspect the product quality on the production line. Our custom machined parts are supplied to machine manufacturers, production line builders and integrators as critical components or high precision dies and molds. Every manufacturer from LPR’s consortium has been carefully selected based on innovation, track record, product quality, and business experience with global clients.

Uniquely positioned as an industrial products and machinery consultant and advisor to both US and Korean manufacturers, LPR Global provides strategic manufacturing outsourcing and product sourcing options to global clients. We are accredited and awarded by the South Korean government as a premium consulting company, making us the first point of contact for many global manufacturers’ machinery needs.

We are familiar with global requirements and standards and equipped with cultural understanding of diverse business environments. Our clients rely on our experience and business network to help deliver cost saving sourcing and manufacturing solutions.

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LPR Global Consortium Product Line

Customized Machinery for Automotive Parts or Component Manufacturers
A wide range of custom machines for the mass production lines in the automotive industry.

Custom Fabrication and Manufacturing for Steel Mills
Precision steel rolls for steel processing mills and steel mill equipment.

Blades, Wastewater Filtration, Static Equipment
Customized fabrication for nuclear power plants, conventional power plants, steel mills, and large-scale offshore plants.

Pipe Testing Equipment
Nondestructive testing equipment inspects mechanical properties of materials in the oil & gas and power plant sectors.

Precision Machined Parts, Custom CNC Machining and On Demand Contract Manufacturing
High precision machined parts for machine builders, automated system integrators, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Precision Tooling Manufacturing
Progressive dies, forging press dies and tooling suppliers.

3D Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Services
Metal, ceramics, engineered resins, plastic parts and functional prototypes.

Iron Foundry, Casting and Machining Services
Highly precise casting products for the automotive, power plant, industrial machinery and oil & gas industries.

Steel Foundry, Casting and Machining Services
Heat resistant steel casting products for power plants, steel mills, and oil & gas applications.

Custom Hot and Cold Forging and Machining
High precision cold forged automotive components and hot & cold forged pressure vessel heads for heat recovery system generators

PU Vacuum Foaming Molds
Plug, lego, rotational and hybrid types of polyurethane molds for home appliances and automotive interior trims.

High Speed Spindles
High speed integral motor and belt-driven spindles for grinding, milling, drilling and tapping.

High Precision Gearboxes and Zero Backlash Rack & Pinion System
Precision gear reducers and backlash-free rack & pinion systems for positioning, indexing, actuator and robotics applications.

Factory Automation Systems | Linear Components, Gantry Robots
Full line of factory automation equipment, including components, single and multi-axis linear modules, gantry robots and factory automation lines for automotive, plastics, metal working, chemical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage applications.

Rotary Friction Welding Machines
Rotary friction welding machines for pipe production in steel mills and the oil & gas industry.