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South Korean manufacturing technologies and equipment.

Manufacturing Machinery and Industrial Equipment

LPR Global’s consortium of equipment manufacturers covers a wide range of industries from automotive, aerospace, marine, construction, to oil and gas. Our machinery and equipment are used to automate manufacturing processes, streamline operations, test products for durability, and inspect the product quality on the production line.

Every manufacturer from LPR’s consortium has been carefully selected based on innovation, track record, product quality, and business experience with global clients.

Uniquely positioned as an industrial products and machinery consultant and advisor to both US and Korean manufactures, LPR Global provides strategic manufacturing outsourcing or product sourcing options to our global clients. LPR Global is accredited and awarded by the South Korean government as a premium consulting company making us the first point of contact for many global manufacturers’ machinery needs.

We are familiar with global requirements and standards and equipped with cultural understanding of both business environments. Our clients rely on our experience and business network to help deliver cost saving sourcing and manufacturing solutions.

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LPR Global Consortium Product Line

Custom Metal Fabrication
Customized metal industrial components for nuclear power plants, conventional power plants, steel mills, and large-scale industrial offshore plants

Pipe Testing Equipment
Nondestructive testing equipment inspects mechanical properties of materials in field

Automotive Assembly Lines & Manufacturing Equipment
Customized auto parts manufacturing machines and automotive assembly lines that produce automotive parts for exhaust systems, chassis, auto bodies, front and rear suspension systems, steering systems and testing equipment.

Factory Automation Assembly Lines
Custom manufactured assembly lines for various applications such as engine oil pumps and power steering components.

Automotive Parts Inspection Systems
Crack and dimension testing equipment for improving product quality and production efficiency. LPR’s auto parts inspection equipment is used to inspect crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, brake rotors, and cylinder heads.

Factory Automation Systems | Linear Components, Gantry Robots
Full line of factory automation equipment, including components, single and multi-axis linear modules, gantry robots, factory automation lines for automotive, plastics, metal working, chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage applications.

PVD Coating Machines
Powerful arc ion plating system for thin-film coating at low temperature; an ion beam irradiation system for surface reformation. Our global clients include cutting tool manufacturers, PVD coating service providers, razor blade manufacturers, cell phone manufacturers, and drill bit manufacturers.

Industrial Parts Washers
Washing machines for the auto parts manufacturing facility and automotive manufacturing factory. Clients including Hyundai Motor, Kia Motor and Magna Powertrain have shown repeated confidence in our products.

Super Finishing Machines
Our super finishing and lapping machines for automotive engine and transmission components are trusted by Korean and North American manufactures such as Tenneco, TRW Automotive, Samsung Electronics, Kia Motor, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Powertech, and Wooil Precision.

Centerless Grinding Machines
Centerless grinding machines for electronics and automotive industries are used by global auto part manufacturers to finish surface of input shafts, compressor shafts, rack bars and piston steering components.

Polyurethane Foaming Equipment
High pressure polyurethane mixing, dispensing equipment and whole plant machinery for car seats, head rest lines, and steering wheel production.

Roll Forming Machinery
Cassette-type roll forming machines, rotary & stretch bending equipment, saw cutting, and welding equipment used in the production of automotive door frame rails, bumper, window, roof, and chassis components.

Rotary Friction Welding Machines
Rotary friction welding machines for electric vehicle batteries, camshafts, and pistons in the automotive industry and drill pipes for the oil and gas industry. Our exemplary clients include Tenneco Automotive and Packers Plus.

Powder Compacting Presses
Mechanical, hot & cold hydraulic, servo-hybrid, and diamond array compacting presses for the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor, and electronics industries.