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Automotive Industry | Automated Machinery and Lines

South Korean automotive parts production machinery manufacturers and automated assembly technology suppliers.

Automated Parts Manufacturing Line & Customized Machines

The South Korean automotive industry is a world leader in quality, technology and value. LPR Global provides a comprehensive equipment and tooling portfolio to automotive part and component suppliers, in partnership with leading Korean automotive parts production machine builders and automated line manufacturers. Since our inception in 2001, we have been helping global Tier 1 to Tier 3 companies find capital equipment and tooling suppliers. This knowledge, experience, and network has transformed into US Korea Hotlink, the largest consortium of these Korean machine and tooling manufacturers in USA, Canada and Mexico.

LPR Global’s range of products includes forming, joining, cutting, and heat treatment machines for production lines for exhaust systems, ride control systems, automotive structural and frame components, and body-in-white. We also supply machines to non-metal processing lines producing automotive interior and exterior parts. Our machines are customized to production volume requirements, quick tool change needs, client-specific safety standards and automatic or manual system preferences. Our line suppliers provide turnkey multi-station automated assembly lines with robots as well as stand-alone customized machines for manual production.

The products we offer through our consortium of manufacturers are designed with the highest specifications, incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies, and are built to meet stringent global standards.

Reduced Lead Time and Capital Investment

Our clients rely on our experience and network across the Pacific Ocean to source custom machinery builders, tooling suppliers, automation system integrators, local after-sales support providers, and technical partners. We are proud to state that we have brought all our clients the essential elements of cost savings, reduced lead time, and increased quality and productivity.

Meet Trusted Automotive Component Manufacturing Machinery & Tooling Suppliers at LPR’s Annual Conference

LPR Global’s machine manufacturer portfolio consists of established and ISO/TS-certified machinery and tooling manufacturers, most of whom have supplied to the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for over twenty years. We provide a face-to-face meeting opportunity once a year between Korean manufacturers and global companies at the LPR Global Annual Matching Meetings Conference. LPR’s Annual Conference is promoted and sponsored by Korean federal government organizations: Small Medium Business Administration and its agency Small Business Corporation, and Korea Association of Machinery and Industry. We invite selected North American and European companies to Seoul, South Korea and offer a unique venue to explore partnerships, sourcing opportunities, and new technologies in meetings with Korean manufacturers. Our event is always accompanied by a visit to a machinery and tooling trade show and a tour of the manufacturers’ factories.

LPR Global Consortium Product Line

Tube Forming, Stuffing, Ridge Locking, End Forming Machines and Tooling
Customized auto parts manufacturing machines and sub-assembly lines that produce automotive parts for exhaust systems

Automotive Structural Component and Body-In-White Tooling, Assembly and Hemming Machines
Customized chassis sub-assembly welding lines and hemming machines for automotive part production lines. Complete solutions for body-in-white assembly.

Automotive Interior and Exterior Component Manufacturing Machinery
Turnkey inline IMG thermoforming and vacuum forming equipment and tooling.

Roll Forming Machinery
Cassette-type roll forming machines, rotary & stretch bending equipment, saw cutting, and welding equipment used in the production of automotive door frame rails, bumper, window, roof, and chassis components.

Rotary Friction Welding Machines
Rotary friction welding machines for electric vehicle batteries, camshafts, and pistons for the automotive industry and drill pipes for the oil and gas industry.

Powder Compacting Presses
Mechanical, hot & cold hydraulic, servo hybrid, and diamond array compacting presses for the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

Super Finishing Machines
Our super finishing and lapping machines for automotive engine and transmission components are trusted by Korean and North American manufacturers such as Tenneco, TRW Automotive, Kia Motor, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Powertech, and Wooil Precision.

Centerless Grinding Machines
Centerless grinding machines for electronics and automotive industries are used by global auto part manufacturers to finish surfaces of input shafts, compressor shafts, rack bars and piston steering components.

Polyurethane Foaming Equipment
High pressure polyurethane mixing, dispensing equipment and whole plant machinery for car seats, head rest lines, and steering wheel production.

Gun Drilling Machines
Deep Hole Gun Drilling and BTA Drilling Machines for automotive rods, shafts, and fuel injection nozzles, injection molds, and heat exchanger tube sheets.

Presses and Dies
Customized forging presses and progressive dies for automotive parts.

Factory Automation Assembly Lines
Custom manufactured assembly lines for engine and power steering parts.