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South Korean Environmental Technologies | Alternative Energy & Energy Management Systems

LPR Global introduces innovative products and systems to provide solution for power plants, shipbuilding, construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas industry. LPR’s consortium manufacturers are experienced at working on different projects with major government contractors and large EPC partners. Each company brings their own unique technologies and deliver high quality products for the energy industry. Products include wastewater treatment solutions, heat exchangers, industrial fasteners, and plant data historian with predictive analysis.

Energy Industry | Technology, Solutions, and Experience

Our network encompasses a wide range of products for the energy industry but we can also help you look for a specific technology or solution from South Korea.

LPR’s past experience includes:

  • Helping North American buyers to source South Korean manufactured solar powered LEDs
  • Bringing in South Korean solar power systems to the North American market
  • Working with a global Oil & Gas firm to source non-destructive-equipment to better manage the pipes
  • Introducing environmentally friendly technologies such as PVD coating machines and water filtration systems

LPR Global Consortium Product Line

Anti-Fouling Wastewater Treatment | Membrane Filtration & Separation
Separates, concentrates, and clarifies wastewater and industrial fluids from macromolecular to micro-molecular particles with minimal fouling.

Packaged Wastewater Treatment | Vapor Compression Distillation
Vapor Compression Distillation (VCD) systems for the distillation of high quality fresh water in plants for process wastewater treatment and off-shore rigs for desalination.

Plate Heat Exchangers | Plate and Frame, Plate and Shell, Spiral
Welded or gasketed plate and frame, spiral, and shell heat exchangers for power plants, marine shipbuilding, HVAC, and food pasteurization.