“LPR Global’s market research helped us identify market cannibalization that we hadn’t been aware of and far exceeded our expectations. LPR made us see the value of research and power of analysis.”

– Sung Soo Yoon, Managing Director, Jinsung T.E.C

“We were surprised by LPR’s research and are going to use it as a blueprint for our execution in North America.”

– Kyung Sik Yoon, Director, iRevo

“It’s rare to see these days the dedication and professionalism of LPR’s staff. Whenever asked questions, you always responded fast and our conference call helped a lot our technical questions answered.”

– Michael Jones, President, Jones Cam

“We thank LPR for successfully setting up sales channels for the US military, which is the primary market and yet not an easy one to develop.”

– Mr. Uhm, Hyun Duk, CEO, IDFone

“Mikah Lee’s experience and rich network with major telecommunications corporations helped us successfully launch our new products in an unprecedented period of time!”

– Solomon Kim, CEO, SCI

“We are excited to be extending and deepening our relationship with LPR Global and we look forward to benefiting from LPR’s innovative marketing strategies for years to come.”

– Jong Ho Song, Administrator, Small Medium Business Administration