South Korean Automation and Manufacturing Technologies Continue Attracting International Buyers

South Korean Automation and Manufacturing Technologies Continue Attracting International Buyers

2017 LPR Global Technology Forum and Business Matching Meetings Held During the KOMAF Expo in Seoul


TORONTO, Canada, November 16, 2017 – The 2017 LPR Global Technology Forum and Business Matching Meetings hosted on October 26th, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea brought together Korean SMEs and the global buyers looking for Korean industrial manufacturing machinery and energy technologies for the North American, European, and Brazilian markets.

The 2017 Business Matching Meetings focused on the following technologies:

  • Robotics and automation: linear motion modules, index / turn tables, gantries, robot positioners, grippers, gearboxes, conveyor systems
  • Machinery: automotive assembly lines, roll forming and stretch bending machinery, door and window frame assembly, automotive laser cutting and welding solutions
  • Factory and plant: dosing systems, environmental and vibratory equipment
  • Energy storage: battery energy storage systems, power generation turbines and components, power asset management software and transformers

“Hosting the Technology Forum and Business Matching Meetings is our yearly event where potential buyers meet with Korean suppliers and discuss their current projects face to face,” says Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, “The event has proven to be highly efficient for our global buyers looking for reliable suppliers in Korea. We were able to create numerous multi million dollar business deals and partnerships over the years.”

LPR Global has been hosting buyers’ matching meetings since 2008.

“The Technology Forum and Business Matching Meetings is a unique event because LPR Global is our most knowledgeable and resourceful partner connecting the right Korean SMEs with the global buyers before the actual face-to-face meetings. They have more than 15 years of experience working with machinery and industrial companies and have once again proven to be an expert in their field,” said Yong Joo Kim, Senior Manager of the Global Cooperation Department of Korean Small Business Corporation (SBC) that promotes small and medium sized businesses, SBC “LPR Global has held multiple successful meetings which grew into long-lasting relationships for the Korean manufacturers and international buyers over the years.”

Matching meeting participates have been pre-screened by LPR Global and SBC to maximize the efficiency of the meetings.

Jointly organized with the SBC, Korean Federal Government promotion agency sponsoring the event, and LPR Global, the 2017 Technology Forum featured presentations about renewable energy storage, anomality detection, and Canadian automation and fluid market industry standards. Attendees from different sectors, including automotive machinery, industrial machinery and parts, and energy were interested in learning about the energy storage efficiency and the growing demand for such solutions in North America; integration of data preventive measures; and how Korean SMEs can enter the North American automation market.

The event was co-joined with the KOMAF expo, Korea’s largest machinery expo, held at the KINTEX venue, Seoul, South Korea, October 24-27, 2017; the exhibitors paraded a variety of innovative technologies including robotic and automation products, metal working machinery and parts, inspection equipment, and IoT solutions.

LPR Global’s Technology Forum Business Matching Meetings were followed by factory visits to Korean manufacturers’ sites arranged by LPR Global.

About LPR Global, Inc.  LPR Global is a strategic consultancy headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with affiliated operations in the United States, South Korea, and Germany. Founded in 2001, LPR Global receives sponsorship from the Korean Federal Government and is the five-time winner of the South Korean Small and Medium Business Administration’s (SMBA) Premium Consulting Services Award. LPR Global operates the largest North American consortium of Korea-based machinery and industrial parts manufacturers, as well as providing advisory, business development and consulting services that engage North American enterprises with leading Korean manufacturing partners in the automotive and energy industries.

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