LPR Global Provides Sourcing and Vendor Onsite Quality Inspection Services to Western Companies

LPR Global to Launch Sourcing and Vendor Onsite Quality Inspection Services for Western Companies, Who Face Challenges Visiting South Korea

Buyer’s Factory Acceptance Test visit to a Korean Facility

Buyer’s Factory Acceptance Test visit to a Korean Facility

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 9, 2020 – LPR Global, Inc. has announced the launch of its vendor compliance services program for Western companies working with South Korean suppliers, including quality control engineering and factory audit services. The added capabilities are a response to growing demand from global companies, who are facing communication and management challenges due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions.

LPR Global’s engineers and technical translators will visit current or prospective suppliers’ plants in South Korea on behalf of the Western company in order to perform quality checks on materials and equipment, assess standard conformity, and analyze quality control processes.

LPR Global’s standard services for Western companies include vendor research, sourcing and in-person facilitation of site visits to South Korean suppliers. The expanded quality control engineering services are offered to Western companies who have existing contracts with Korean suppliers, and for those looking to establish relationships with new South Korean vendors and qualify them prior to the contractual phase. LPR’s quality control services ensure that Korean suppliers comply with the buyer’s requirements, meet project milestones, and have clear and smooth technical communications on complex matters.

LPR Global’s CEO, Mikah Lee, says that the new service is in line with LPR Global’s goal to create global partnerships between the Western companies and Korean companies.

“LPR Global is a trusted advisor to many of our Korean suppliers,” said Mikah Lee, CEO of LPR Global, “This trust was earned through years of experience and professionalism. Our product acceptance inspection and factory process audit services are provided by a team with rich field experience and unique business acumen in both South Korea and the Western world.”

LPR Global is looking forward to its 20th anniversary in Feb. 2021. It creates multiple global transactions between the West and South Korean industrial product and machinery manufacturers in the automotive, steel mill, home appliance, power plant, oil & gas, medical, and high precision manufacturing industries. Its success has grown www.USKoreaHotlink.com to be the largest consortium of Korean manufacturers in North America, bringing many awards and the accreditation of Best Consulting Practice to the company.

To learn more about LPR Global’s vendor onsite audit and sourcing services, please visit LPR Global’s webpage for supplier evaluation and manufacturing onsite audit services.


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