1-on-1 Manufacturing Business Matching Event Between U.S. and S. Korean Companies

1-on-1 Korean Manufacturing Business Matching Event Hosted by LPR Global’s Government Partner KOSME

Executive 1-on-1 meetings for U.S. companies to connect with Korean market leaders in robotics, automation, remote monitoring and maintenance for machines, and metal forming industries.

Korean Manufacturing Business Matching Event at LPR Global’s 2019 Technology Forum

Korean Manufacturing Business Matching Event at LPR Global’s 2019 Technology Forum


Toronto, Canada, July 5, 2021 – LPR Global’s annual 1-on-1 Business Matching Event will resume to connect global leaders in factory and machine automation with top Korean manufacturers on August 19-21, 2021. This year, the events will be hosted online by LPR Global’s government partner, the Korea SMEs & Startups Agency (KOSME). This event is ideal for U.S. and Korean companies in manufacturing industries looking for global solutions and partnerships to advance their market competitiveness.

Before the event, LPR Global matches companies from Korea, the U.S., and Canada based on specific projects and business focus, and provides customized short lists of matches to each participant.  This year our participating Korean manufacturer list includes market leaders in robotic automation, remote monitoring and maintenance for machines, automated machine components, such as high precision motors for robotics and medical equipment, and metal forming and fabrication in power plant and steel roll mill sectors.

Event Details

Traditionally hosted in-person as part of LPR Global’s Technology Forum, this year’s 1-on-1 matching event will be incorporated in the online 2021 Global Business Matching Events.

  1. Participant companies from the U.S. and Canada submit a registration form to info@lprglobal.com.
  2. The registration and technical requirements are reviewed by LPR Global to match Korean manufacturers specific to each company’s needs.
  3. Once LPR’s short list of Korean manufacturers is confirmed by participating Western companies, virtual Zoom meetings will be scheduled.
  4. The 1-on-1 meetings will take place online with a live translator. Both U.S. and Korean companies will be free to discuss mutual interests and potential business partnerships.

Director of KOSME, Inyoung Sung, explains why Korea is one of the leading countries in robotics and manufacturing automation. According to Ms. Sung, who is spearheading this event, “Few countries have encouraged national factory automation as successfully as South Korea has in the past several years. Over 7,000 SMEs transitioned to factory automation in 2020 alone, and almost one-third of all SMEs in Korea are automated. With manufacturing industries accounting for 39% of South Korea’s GDP, there is a thriving network of SME manufacturers, suppliers, and large corporations, such as Samsung and Hyundai, who are poised to lead the global trend towards factory and machine automation.”

U.S. Korea Hotlink’s New Membership with Automate (A3)

U.S. Korea Hotlink has recently joined as a new member of Automate (A3), an association dedicated to advancing machine automation, vision systems, and motion control. Mikah Lee, managing director of LPR Global, comments that this matching event is particularly valuable to existing and prospective A3 members who are interested in adopting advanced Korean technologies for quality machines, semi automated manufacturing, and custom machine automation to increase their production performance and efficiency.


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