Non-Destructive Testing for Oil & Gas Pipelines and Power Plant MRO Projects

Pressure Vessels Fabrication, Turbine Components, Swivel Joint and Coupling MRO Manufacturers for EPCs and Utility Plants

Connecting EPC Contractors, Power Plants, and Utility Companies with the S. Korean Manufacturers

LPR Global started its services in the oil and gas industry in 2011 when we met with a Korean manufacturer making non-destructive testing equipment to evaluate tensile properties and residual stress of oil and gas pipelines. After discussions with US utility companies, we learned that this innovative technology would bring great value to their operations. In subsequent meetings with power plants and renewable energy companies, we confirmed this market opportunity and sold them our non-destructive testing equipment. Since completing this first project, LPR Global has built a solid reputation with utility companies, EPC contractors, and power generation plants by introducing a wide range of customized products for this industry.

Our client list below illustrates LPR Global’s extensive network and expertise in the oil and gas, power generation plant, and heat recovery generation system industry.

LPR Global EPC and MRO Project Experience for Global Utility and Oil & Gas Clients

Pipe Testing Equipment
Non-destructive testing equipment for inspecting the mechanical properties of materials, such as residual stress and tensile properties. Used to test the integrity of natural gas and oil pipeline transportation systems.

Industrial Fasteners
Specially treated industrial fasteners for manufacturing LNG vessels, cryogenic valves and plate heat exchangers in onshore and offshore oil and gas, power generation and shipbuilding industries.

Swivel Joints and Rotary Joints for Steam, Water and Thermal Oil Transfers
Custom and standard rotary unions and swivel joints for air, fluid and gas transfer requirements for power plants, oil & gas and petrochemical applications.

Turbine Components & Compressor Parts for Turbomachinery
High precision components for turbine parts, compressors and pumps for the power generation, oil & gas, aerospace, marine, and defense industries.

Steam Drums and Pressure Vessel Heads for Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
Steam drums and pressure vessels for heat recovery steam generators in cogen power plants, thermal power plants, water tube boilers, and waste heat boilers.

Plant Engineering and Heavy Fabrication Services
Custom manufacturing and fabrication services for static equipment, pressure vessels, steel mills, boilers, and heat exchangers.

Plate Heat Exchangers | Plate and Frame, Plate and Shell, Spiral
Welded or gasketed plate and frame, spiral, and shell heat exchangers for power plants, marine shipbuilding, HVAC, and food pasteurization.

Anti-Fouling Wastewater Treatment | Membrane Filtration & Separation
Separates, concentrates, and clarifies wastewater and industrial fluids from macromolecular to micromolecular particles with minimal fouling.

Packaged Wastewater Treatment | Vapor Compression Distillation
Vapor Compression Distillation (VCD) systems for the distillation of high-quality freshwater in plants for process wastewater treatment and off-shore rigs for desalination.

Journal, Thrust and Tilting Pad Bearings
Hydrodynamic bearings for turbines, generators, pumps, power plants and rotary equipment.