Parts Production Machinery and Assembly Lines for Automotive, Oil & Gas, Testing Equipment and Automated Forming Projects

How to Find Assembly and Processing Equipment and Tooling Manufacturers in South Korea

Business Cases of Custom Capital Equipment Projects| To US Users from South Korean Suppliers

Identifying dependable capital equipment suppliers is a big challenge for equipment procurement teams at many companies. This challenge becomes much bigger when the equipment needs to be customized for a new line and process. Machinery buyers are generally familiar with their own machine usage and production processes, but often lack knowledge about machine design and construction. On the contrary, machine manufacturers understand cutting edge forming, grinding and welding technologies and how to implement them within the machine, but they have a blind spot regarding machine usage, user behavior, and safety standards.

One of our long-term clients came to LPR Global with a challenge – they wanted to diversify their current custom machine suppliers and lower their costs as well as bridge the gap in technical communications between the machine user and the foreign supplier. Since the client’s first request in 2006, LPR Global has successfully delivered custom machine projects and automated assembly lines to global markets with them.

What sets us apart from other consulting firms is our commitment to customer satisfaction and our focus within specialized industries and regions.

What Our Clients Say About LPR Global’s Capital Equipment Projects

“Committed to an unheard-of level of customer satisfaction, LPR makes sure clients’ expectations are met. I recommend LPR to anybody without any hesitation; they transfer knowledge effortlessly and complete projects effectively.”

– John Diamantis, Global Capital and Tooling Purchasing Manager at Tenneco Automotive

“We thank LPR for successfully setting up sales channels for the US military, which is the primary market and yet not an easy one to develop.”

–Hyunduk Uhm, CEO of IDFone

“With LPR’s help we were able to win Tenneco as our client; we look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

–Unhak Park, CEO of Woojin Engineering

“At first we thought online marketing wouldn’t be effective for our high-cost machine. However, we quickly changed our minds after receiving sales leads from LPR’s online platform. Also, thanks to LPR’s constant follow-ups on sales leads, we continue to enjoy international demand for our products.”

–Sanghyun Bae, iSys Engineering

LPR Global’s Manufacturing Machinery and Automated Assembly Lines

Rotary Friction Welding Machines
Rotary friction welding machines for pipe production in steel mills and the oil & gas industry.

Superfinisher Microfinishing Surface Treatment Machines
Surface treatment for shock absorber rods, crankshafts, camshafts, and other automotive parts.

Gun Drilling Machines
Deep Hole Gun Drilling and BTA Drilling Machines for creating straight and precise holes in injection molds, automotive shafts and axles, and heat exchanger tube sheets.

Automotive Exhaust System Assembly and Tube Forming Machines
Turnkey exhaust system manufacturing lines and custom tooling for mufflers, exhaust pipes, and baffles.

Home Appliance Manufacturing Assembly Lines
Residential and commercial refrigerator, freezer, cooler, washing machine, cooking oven assembly and production equipment.

PU Vacuum Foaming Molds
Plug, lego, rotational and hybrid types of polyurethane molds for home appliances and automotive interior trims.

Pipe Testing Equipment
Non-destructive testing equipment inspects mechanical properties of materials in the oil & gas and power plant sectors.

Precision Tooling Manufacturing
Progressive dies, forging press dies and tooling suppliers.

Factory Automation Systems | Linear Components, Gantry Robots
Full line of factory automation equipment, including components, single and multi-axis linear modules, gantry robots and factory automation lines for automotive, plastics, metalworking, chemical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage applications.