Renewable Energy Products and Solutions

Energy Saving & Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Contractors, Engineering Companies, Government Projects

Solar Powered LED Lights | Commercial Grade Renewable Energy Saving Technologies

LPR Global’s experience with energy solution providers encompasses a wide range of marketing consulting services for environmentally friendly energy products and systems. For this market, we regularly engage with major government contractors, large EPC companies, utility companies in the US, and even commercial building owners and builders.

When we introduce new products to buyers, we ensure that the Korean suppliers are certified and familiar with local compliance requirements. The LPR Global team continually studies any changes in the client’s environment, including new regulations, and then transfers this knowledge to the Korean suppliers.

Review LPR Global’s energy client projects below.

Solar-Powered LED Lights
Solar-powered LED lights for road markers, delineators, marine beacons, pathway lights, hazard markers, and other reflective applications. Rugged, IP68-rated lights for superior visibility under extreme weather conditions.

Anti-Fouling Wastewater Treatment | Membrane Filtration & Separation
Separates, concentrates, and clarifies wastewater and industrial fluids from macromolecular to micromolecular particles with minimal fouling.

Packaged Wastewater Treatment | Vapor Compression Distillation
Vapor Compression Distillation (VCD) systems for the distillation of high-quality freshwater in plants for process wastewater treatment and off-shore rigs for desalination.

High Efficiency Turbo Blowers and Compressors
High speed air foil bearing type turbo blowers for wastewater treatment facilities, air-pollution control, sewage treatment facilities, and drinking water production plants.